Happy Hour


If there’s one thing Massachusetts is lacking (besides sunshine) – it’s happy hour. Yes, it’s true, happy hour is illegal in Massachusetts, weird, I know. Luckily, I’m back in the Sunshine State where we don’t just have happy hour, we have happy hoursssssss.



If you want to make the best of the occasion you must be punctual, the fashionably late folks aren’t doing themselves or their wallets any favors. Since I’m usually running late as it is (let’s be honest), I don’t have time to fuss with piecing together the perfect blouse with the right shorts, jeans, whatever.


This is where the rompers come in clutch, pull that onesie on and your only worry then becomes shoes and accessories! This peek-a-boo shoulder romper made by Wishlist caught my eye at the Salty Shack this week and I’m so in love!



Photographs // @Carly.diem

Shoes: Lucky Brand // Purse: BP @ Nordstrom //  Earrings: Primark // Wrap Bracelet: Boho-Betty (( Use code: Theappareladvisor for 20% off)




Winter Essentials

The three pieces I advise you incorporate into your wardrobe ASAP this winter:




My favorite leopard espadrilles are no longer acceptable, it’s official. Reluctantly, I’ve shifted them to the back of my shoe collection and dusted off my winter boots. While I do love my traditional Hunter tall rain boots, this season, I set out to find a shorter style, nontraditional boot.  Luckily, I didn’t have to search far, I instantly fell in love with these black studded rain boots by Dav at Nordstrom Rack.

  1. BEANIES DSC_6519.jpg

It’s no secret that the Northeast is known for its harsh, dry winters. I had to learn the hard way that if you don’t protect your face, ears, and head this time of year there are serious consequences, including “cold stimulus headaches”. Yes, that’s right, extremely cold temperatures cause constriction to the bloods vessels and numb the trigeminal nerve so now you’re not only freezing, but you’ve stirred up a nasty headache as well, what could be worse?! Thus, I’ll advise having a beanie ready to go for the winter season. The beanie featured above is my absolute favorite for this season from Zara. The one featured below is a runner up for under $10.00 at Primark.


  1. SCARVESdsc_6517

Scarves are one my favorite accessories to bust out during the winter because they leave me feeling as if I’m still in the warm comfort of my bed. More importantly however, scarves provide another NECESSARY layer of protection. But on a serious note, there’s days in Boston where it literally hurts to breathe in the open air and at that point a good chunky blanket scarf like the one below from Zara is my saving grace! The scarf pictured above is one of the softest scarves in the game by Free People, total steal for under $30.00 Nordstrom Rack.dsc_1489

All Photographs: @_Travisconner_

Coat Check

Yesterday marked the first official day of my least favorite season, winter. For my fellow followers in the Northeast, this means you’re not leaving home without a coat for the next 2-3 months (if you’re lucky). While I’d much rather be in a bikini, I’ve finally accepted coat season by viewing it as an opportunity to kill two looks with one outfit. Here are the 3 styles to invest in this winter:

  1. The Puffer – I used to refer to this as a “Ski Jacket” because as a Floridian, I never contemplated needing such a high volume coat on a regular basis. A Puffer is a “safe choice” for when you’re not sure what the forecast holds but you can guarantee it will be freezing! This K-Way reversible puffer jacket has a heated seam line providing amazing insulation. img_3908unnamed
  2. The Trench/Long Coat– You can thank the First World War for this style! The trench coat was created as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by soldiers. While Burberry and Aquascutum claim to have birthed the trench coat back in the 1850’s, there’s no question that it’s a timeless, classic piece that belongs in every winter wardrobe. While most of the time I’m rocking my long coat to work for the 9-5 gig, my favorite way to style it is over a dress or skirt in the winter as a saving grace for my bare legs! Technically speaking, the one I’m wearing below is a “long coat” not trench however, both available at H&M on major sale!dsc_6528DSC_6391.jpg
  3. Faux Fur– Winter?! Fur-gettah about it! Fur is easily one of the most controversial topics in fashion. For some reason, faux fur has always had an irresistible appeal to me, but it’s definitely not fur (haaaa) everyone, so I’ll keep it short. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, faux fur is now produced with the same warmth, softness and quality as real fur, but more affordable! The black faux fur coat featured is from Guess and currently on sale for $64.00!dsc_6421DSC_6438.jpg

#sweaterdress rundown

dsc_1989As we all know, your girl is Florida grown. Winter is no longer spent on the beach where it’s sunny and 75 but instead, strolling down the cobblestones streets of Newbury where it’s 30 degrees with a chance of snow. If there was one thing I knew for certain within the first few months of moving to Boston, it was that the majority of my wardrobe would no longer be suitable. You see, I’m a girly girl at heart and even more so, I’m a Florida girl, and Florida girls LIVE in sundresses. Yes, when the winter months roll around, I move my sundresses to the back of my closet and break out my favorite winter trend, the #sweaterdress. Here’s my top 3 reasons why:

#1) The thought of having my legs covered up for a whole season seems peculiar to me. A sweater dress lets those legs get some air and exposure, but allows you to stay warm and cozy during the cold frigid months.


#2) The sweater dress trend has taken off this season and is available in many different options, allowing for so much room to play! I’ll be the first to admit I’ve rocked the same A-line sweater dress back to back recently. Here, I’m wearing a maxi style by Free People.

If you’re not in the maxi cut, there are plenty of knit sweater dresses out there that pair nicely with a great pair of #OTK boots. And for those lazy days when you still want to appear polished, there’s the oversized sweater dress that can be styled a million different ways. My favorite options to ensemble with: a pair of suede #OTK boots, a classic stiletto pump, a fur vest, a moto jacket, a blanket scarf, or the simple addition of a statement necklace.

#3) Since the sweater dress is available in so many cuts and styles, each and every body type can indulge in this trend. There’s a flattering option for everyone!



Photographs: @_Travisconner_

Dress: Free People // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Booties: Sam Edelman


Wear to Walk

kanna-mainIt wasn’t until I moved to the city that I began to distinguish my shoe wardrobe by overall quality rather than aesthetic appeal. I remember first year of law school, I was running (literally) late to class when of course, the hoof of one of my sandals broke on one of those, oh-so-cute cobblestone streets Boston is known for. I was in shambles. Let’s leave aside the fact that it was 50 something degrees out and raining thus, I should have NEVER worn sandals in the first place.

My point, you shouldn’t skimp on footwear. On a typical weekend consisting of brunch, errands, shopping, oh yeah and brunching again, I’m walking between 3-5 miles. Clearly, out of health concerns, I can’t afford to skimp on footwear. Now obviously, a classic tennis shoe would suffice, but I find espadrilles to be much more appealing to the eye, especially velvet leopard ones. I’m also a firm believer you should never have to sacrifice comfort for looks.


All Kanna Shoes are designed, cut, and fabricated by in house designers in Spain. While this family operated business’s bread and butter has always been espadrilles, they are continuously changing and adapting to new trends. Today, Kanna Shoes is a fashion brand with a Mediterranean influence focusing on evolving trends and comfort.

If you know me, you’ve likely spotted me in these cuties on more than one occasion. Until the snow starts falling, I’ll advise choosing espadrilles over tennis shoes any and every day. The ones featured I snagged last season, but don’t worry I’ve linked two similar options, on sale, below.









Don’t Hold Up Brunch


When you’re visiting your bestie(s) for the weekend one or two late nights out are to be expected. What’s also to be expected, (at least if you’re one of my besties) is BRUNCH the following morning. Am I right?

At first thought, sleeping in never disappoints and you dread the thought of getting out bed, but you rally nonetheless because you recognize that brunch is always worth it. For me, the real struggle lies in getting out the door in a timely fashion, dressed appropriately, before mere hunger turns to HANGRY. Nobody likes me when I’m hangry.

But here’s my least favorite situation: You’re the one on time, the brunch spot won’t seat your reservation until the whole party is present and you have that one friend that’s running a solid 30 minutes late. This friend acts as if they’re only 10 minutes late but in reality they show up a full half hour late. I know, because I’ve been that friend, guilty.


Being fashionably late to brunch is not cool, its rude. To save you time next weekend, I’ll advise adding an interwoven hat to your accessory line up. When you rise and shine following a late night out with your team, you won’t regret this purchase. Oh, and you can forget fussing with your hair as well. Not only will throwing on a hat save you ample time, it doubles as an excellent distraction from under eye bags that I myself can’t seem to shake.

The hat featured above is by David & Young, found this gem at Nordstrom Rack during the current Black Friday Sale. I’ll also advise starting with a staple black, brown, or gray color that you can mix and match with everything. My top 4 woven hats including the David & Young one are below with details below.

Bells & Pastels


As the fall leaves drop and the colder weather is upon us, the trendy off-the-shoulder tops will no longer be making my lineup. But in case you haven’t noticed, the 70’s are back and along with fringe, suede, and wide leg pants comes the bell sleeves! Giving credit where credit is due, Celine first featured exaggerated flare sleeves on the runway last fall and from there the trend took off.

Whether expansive or subtly flared, this style of statement sleeve will add a dash of elegance to any outfit. If you tend to talk with your hands like I do, it will surely add an element of dramatization to your every move as well. The bell sleeve is being embodied into everything from sweaters, shirts, blouses, and outwear.


I decided to go for an all out 70’s vibe here and thus, I didn’t hesitate to pair this top with my favorite winter white jeans from Nordstrom Rack. While I’m always hesitant to push my cropped tops to the back of the drawer during these last fall weeks, H&M brilliantly created this bell sleeve cropped top in a wool blend material. This genius combination kept me warm throughout the day with no need for a jacket!



Photographs: @_travisconner_

Pants: Melrose & Market @ Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Lucky Brand // Purse: JustFab // Sunglasses: Forever21