Prior to this year mesh reminded me of the scrimmage jerseys or “pennies” that I was forced to wear back in the day as a soccer player. You know what I am talking about- they were meant to distinguish which team you played for, usually in a primary color, cropped, smelly, also referred to as “bibs”. I had a strong distaste for pennies because they doubled as sweat towels for most of my teammates and my coach rarely ever washed them. It wasn’t until this spring while shopping at the LF warehouse sale when I my spotted this cropped mesh zip-up hoodie that my perspective changed.


At the time, I knew my family had planned a full day at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. My parents are annual pass holders and they take Magic Kingdom VERY seriously. I knew it would be a full day in the scorching hot Florida sun, so I had to prepare an outfit accordingly. I needed something lightweight that wouldn’t cling to my skin or become drenched in sweat. Since clothing is mandatory, a bathing suit was not an option.


Mesh is comprised from a network of wire material, popular in the 80s. The cut out net details keep you cool and allow your skin to breathe. It’s your new go-to on a hot, humid summer day. Since mesh is a see-through material, it’s a two-part look. I usually opt to wear a “brami” underneath, a fusion between a bra and cami available at Free People. They have a great selection of colors that pair well with work blouses as well. Athleisure is big right now and I usually go for a sporty luxe look with the mesh zip up hoodie wearing just my sports bra underneath- I love the breathability. I’ve seen several New Yorkers wearing spaghetti strap overtop of a mesh high neck top, that too looks great.


If you’re not comfortable showing that much skin, no worries! Since mesh is so trendy right now, you can pick and choose which assets you want to give a sneak peek to. Mesh details are being incorporated everywhere, skirts, jackets, sleeves, leggings. As you can guess, it also makes for a great swimsuit cover up as well. Mesh it up.




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