Fashion Forward


I think it’s safe to say ripped jeans are a millennial trend but how ripped is too ripped? I’m debating retiring the pair above after receiving nonstop commentary regarding the extensiveness of their tears last Thursday at the IIDA New England Fashion Show exhibit. Can the baby boomers let us live? Anyway, hosted at the Boston Design Center in Seaport, the exhibit had an open bar, a delicious selection of mediterranean finger foods, but more importantly a close up look at the 19th annual Fashion Show winners.


Far from your typical fashion show looks, these are a collaboration between two dozen of the region’s best interior design firms, design schools, and industry manufacturers. The results are totally unconventional.


I was blown away listening to the winners go into detail about the different elements that went into their respective looks. Anything and everything from light fixtures and window shades to banana leaves. And there I was having just purchased my first piece of cashmere in 2017.


My favorite look was a collab between Marvin at 7 Tide and Wentworth Institute of Technology, “Team Bergmeyer”, who took home the Best in Show Award, which included E ink, paper-like display technology, and rubber leather stripping to create Halcyon Shades into a jumpsuit and queen’s gown. Each piece transitioned between black, white, and silver.


Can you not see Queen B, Rihanna in these boots featured below?!?!




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