The Perfect Parka



As I begin my fifth winter in Boston, I’d like to believe I’m well-versed when it comes to surviving these dreary months. In fact, I was sweating this morning on my walk to work albeit temps are in the 20s….and according to my IPhone it feels like it’s in the teens. So, let me advise you, the key is in your clothing but more specifically, your jacket choice.


My first winter I learned the hard way that a windbreaker, no matter how much layering you do underneath, will not suffice. The following winters I fiddled around with different styles ultimately to realize you cannot survive in New England without a solid parka jacket! When I say solid, I mean it must provide the following features, it’s not worth your money:

  1. Fur lined hoodbecause the wind is brutal and a beanie is not always practical. Now some of you may say, Kelsey, why does the hood have to have fur, not everyone is extra like you? I swear the fur stops the wind from hitting your face directly, saving you from experiencing wind burn. While I feel strongly that a fur lined hood is essential, most parkas allow the fur lining to be removed.
  2. Sherling-liningbecause it creates another layer between you and the outside air……need I say more? Soft on the inside, hardcore on the outside.
  3. Mid-thigh lengthbecause there’s nothing worse than bending over and having a gust of cold wind shoot up the back of your jacket. There’s an added bonus if the parka has a cinch cord at the waste, anything to help block out the cold.
  4. Ribbed cuffsbecause this time of year you don’t want mother nature getting up your sleeve. If your parka doesn’t have ribbed cuffs you’ll inevitably have a gap between your wrists and the actual jacket, that most gloves won’t make up for, this is no good.


I scooped up this olive camo twill parka, (currently 50% off) from Abercrombie & Fitch a few weeks ago (check me out on bottom of the A&F website). I debated splurging on a Canada Goose, but this A&F parka met all of my above-listed requirements, also I’m just not ready to dedicate a paycheck to a damn jacket. Originally $20000, it was 60% off on the weekend I purchased it, and the by joining the A&F club (email subscription) I got an additional 30% off… I paid $56.00. Talk about a steal!


Stay warm, xx.


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