Fall back with mules

Modesty is making a comeback – shirt dresses are out, cardigans are in. But lets talk about footwear, I like to keep a strong selection of “office shoes” in my office and wear sandals, often slides or flip flops to and from work. That is until now…one sure tell sign that fall is here, freezing cold toes on the morning commute! So now that temperatures are in the 50’s in Boston, slides are officially out too, mules are in.


That being said, I recently rearranged my shoe rack by priority, close-toed shoes are now my front runners, including these mules by Topshop available at Nordstrom. The first time I wore them in the office my boss stated, “I like your slippers.” I viewed this as opportunity to kindly correct and advise him on mules.


Mules are a French term, used to depict a shoe that is backless and usually closed-toed. Apparently, mules are often confused with clogs, a similar style. Here’s what I gather, clogs originated in the Scandinavian countries where they were a popular shoe for the working class. Although I may have worn clogs back in the late ’90s, I am no longer an advocate of the clog style. Mules originated in France and were considered a dress shoe for aristocrats, that is until prostitutes began wearing them. Both mules and clogs are closed-toe shoes, if it has a heel it’s likely a mule, platform, it’s likely a clog. Rumor has it in the early 1950s Marilyn Monroe restored the reputation of mules. Praise be to Marilyn!


Back in March, Elle foresaw that mules would be the shoe of 2017. To be honest, even though I acted offended when my boss thought I was wearing slippers, he called it on the head. A comfy slip-on style shoe that is structured like a flat or loafer, the perfect office shoe.


Mules can be styled for any occasion depending on the type. From flats to stilettos, wedges, chunky heels, platforms, leather, suede, pointy-toe, close-toe, mules come in all shapes and sizes. They easily spruce up any work look although some may mistake them for slippers.  Right now, my black knotted mules have been on constant rotation as the ideal summer to fall transition shoe.



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