Tough Transitions

Like I said in my updated post, Rules?, the Summer to Fall transition is always rough for me not only because I lose my toasted mocha tint, but my allergies go BANANAS forcing me to puff on my inhaler like clock work….oh and don’t even get me started on the temps dropping……

But the toughest part about this transition for me is putting away my sundresses and sandals and remembering to grab a jacket before I head out. I use to be a year round shorts and sandals girl, but we all know Boston weather doesn’t allow for that. Nevertheless, I try to prolong my summer wear as long as possible.


If you saw me at any point this summer, I was likely in my favorite buffalo print BB Dakota shirt dress. But it’s October, and I’d be pushing my luck to wear it out at this point (even though we are still having random days in the 80s here in Boston). So what’s a girl to do?

Build up the look. First, I added a leather moto jacket (it’s vegan, chill) to go over the dress. I always hate when I am dressed based off of the chillest morning temperature and end up looking like a sweaty dog mid afternoon when things warm up. Anyone else with me?


While I must admit, I use to associate leather jackets with leather chaps, and of course Daytona Bike Week, recently this Levi’s jacket from Nordstrom has become one of my staples. When the temps heat up in the afternoon just adjust the jacket to be worn as an “editor drape” to avoid having to carry it!


My next advisory, go get yourself a pair of over-the-knee boots (OTK). I picked up this black suede pair last year for a Thanksgiving look at Primark for ridiculously cheap. My only complaint, the tie strings in the back have no traction, so they do slide down your leg throughout the day which is REAL annoying ( hence face below). But you know what they say, you get what you pay for. Since then, I’ve purchased a Vince Camuto pair which has elasticized panels that help them stay up.


When I purchased my first pair I continuously wore them with skinny jeans (denim or black). Now, my favorite way to wear OTK boots is with shorts, a skirt, or a mini dress! Ordinarily rocking a shorter hem during the chilly months isn’t too smart and leaves your bare legs to freeze, but with OTK boots you’re all set. Think of them like a warmer pair of tights!


Check out some other ways to wear your OTK boots from my girl gang below:

Talks with Taylor 

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