The Shirt Dress

6174578816_IMG_0083My effortless go-to look this summer, the shirt dress. Quite literally, an extension of a dress shirt, but more sophisticated, it’s a closet staple. Shirt dresses are loose, easy, and breezy. Think along the lines of your boyfriends button-down. There’s a lot of options with this style but I’ll keep it short because there’s really not much to say about it- just buy one and wear it. It’s a style that requires very little effort.


With that being said, the shoes you pair the dress with will set the tone. For a more casual shirt dress like the BB Dakota buffalo print dress, pair it with flip flops, gladiator flats, or even sneakers depending on the occasion. It’s also the perfect beach cover up.


For an oversized shirt dress like the Abercrombie & Fitch one below, add a belt to cinch your waste keeping a polished look in check. Dress it up with some wedges or ballet flats for a chic brunch look.





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