While I’m an open advocate for wearing white jeans whenever you want (see Winter Whites ) – I will  admit that there is something that feels very right about wearing white jeans in the summer. The “no white after labor day” moratorium was relevant in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when it made since to wear light colors to beat the heat because air conditioning had yet to come about.  Summer was notably between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so the rule was practical……back then. It’s 2017 now.


My advise is to wear whatever you want whenever you want because. Hillary Clinton is is (was) running for President of the United States, clearly times have changed. So while wearing white during the summer feels right, it’s completely acceptable to wear all twelve months of the year. Here is me, running around Brooklyn, New York in my white jeans by Jbrand. Top is a recent treasure I picked up at Target.


UPDATE: It’s now October and thus, officially FALL.  For me personally the summer to fall transition is rough for many reasons. First, I lose my toasted mocha tint, then my allergies go BANANAS which forces me to puff on my inhaler every two hours like clock work….oh and don’t even get me started on the temps dropping……


This year I’m relying on retail therapy to get me by. People can judge, but it makes me happy and happiness is everything, right? I squaded up with a few other bloggers to talk about our favorite Fall trends this month. I knew I loved these gals when the first suggested was “white after labor day.” Check out their stances here:

Talks with Taylor

Vino in the Village

Fashion Style Foodie

The Blondissim

Aurora McCausland



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