Power Pants



IMG_7097Capris are back y’all! I’m a 90’s kid, so this isn’t my first rodeo with the trend. Back in the early 2000’s, capris were the hottest thing on the playground. I also did a blog post on culottes back in my early blogging days, Autumn Hues.


While the term has evolved into a catch all for any pant that lands somewhere above the ankles yet below the knees: crop pants, pedal pushers, flood pants, high waters, culottes, whatever you want to call them, they are widely popular throughout many countries including Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Now, you KNOW I’m all about pieces that I can transition from work to play. Here, my capris fall more towards the cropped pants part of the spectrum. I’ve paired them with my absolute favorite crop top which I scored during Zara’s killer month, yes, MONTH-long sale in July for $9.99. I saw it online and continuously trolled the Newbury store until I saw it hanging miserably like a dish towel from a hanger crammed in the corner of the sale section. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you, it’s no longer available. But you can still scoop the pants at Zara, who refers to the style as trousers (just adding to the laundry list). But don’t even doubt I rock the same “trousers” to work on a regular basis. It’s a great alternative to full length trousers for those hot summer days.


MY ADVISORY: stay away from capris that end at the widest part of your calf muscle. You want the pants to elongate our legs. To do so, look for a pair that ends somewhere between your calf and ankle. For my ladies with thick or muscular calves, stay away from the pedal pusher end of the spectrum and lean towards the cropped pants that fall just above the ankle.


But for my short-legged ladies, you can still pull it off.  First off, don’t wear capri pants with flat shoes, it will make your legs appear stumpy. Go for a wedge sandal, which will elongate your exposed calf. Also, pair the capri pants with a top that ends at the top of your capris, it will give off the impression that your legs are much longer than they actually are. Lastly, stay away from capri pants with large patterns.





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