Abandoned Trains

DSC_4922When photographer @african_treasure suggested shooting on abandoned trains I was intrigued. Obviously not my usual backdrop hence, abandoned, but its 2017 and I’m all about new. However as the shoot date approached I started to panic thinking, “will I have to hop a fence?” Then the fact that the trains are abandoned got me to realize that obviously there won’t be any heat on, huge fear when it is freezing out, which it was?! And wait, won’t we be illegally trespassing?! Luckily, it was a great time and no legal issues arose.


The amazing bodysuit I’m wearing is a Forever 21 steal for less than ten dollars. It comes in black as well and at such an amazing price, it’s totally acceptable to buy both. I’ve even been wearing them underneath blouses over my usual go to bralette lately.


I like to balance out the (tight) bodysuit with boyfriend style ripped jeans. I don’t care what anyone says, ripped jeans are always trending. For one of those typical, technically Spring in Boston but it’s still pretty cold days, I’ll advise pairing your ripped jeans with an oversized fluffy coat. I’d go with faux fur while it’s still acceptable and you’ll be good!


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