Alex Malay


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Like is it just me or does time seem to fly these days? I recently turned 26 (scary) and I swear there seems to be less hours in the day. With that being said, efficiency is everything to me these days and when it comes to shopping I’m flocking to department stores like Nordstrom 8 times out of 10 times lately. But I can’t lie, I’m a total sucker for a boutique that’s holding it down in multiple fields like, Alex Malay.


I adore this shop- from the pink decor to their unique selection of accessories, including Iphone cases but mainly for this Pink Faux Fur Jacket. I don’t know what it is about faux fur, maybe it’s the fact that I could never get away with wearing it in Florida, but it gets me every time! While I immediately loved the fact that it was pink, the shaggy element of the fur made it an instant favorite.

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If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being cold.  I promise you can’t feel anything underneath. I know this for a fact because these photos were taken on an afternoon that it was literally 20 degrees out and although my hands and lips were frozen my body stayed toasty.

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I’ve found that faux fur is the easiest way to level up any outfit for a frigid night out. I advise pairing any fur jacket with a simple top underneath, I like to keep the focus on the fur. I usually go with nude like here, black, or grey. Recently, because Boston has lacked any sign of SPRING weather, I’ve been replaying each of my faux fur coats as much as possible underneath the same long sleeved bodysuit that I purchased in black, grey, and rustic red.

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Photos: @nderitueddie



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