Happy Hour


If there’s one thing Massachusetts is lacking (besides sunshine) – it’s happy hour. Yes, it’s true, happy hour is illegal in Massachusetts, weird, I know. Luckily, I’m back in the Sunshine State where we don’t just have happy hour, we have happy hoursssssss.



If you want to make the best of the occasion you must be punctual, the fashionably late folks aren’t doing themselves or their wallets any favors. Since I’m usually running late as it is (let’s be honest), I don’t have time to fuss with piecing together the perfect blouse with the right shorts, jeans, whatever.


This is where the rompers come in clutch, pull that onesie on and your only worry then becomes shoes and accessories! This peek-a-boo shoulder romper made by Wishlist caught my eye at the Salty Shack this week and I’m so in love!



Photographs // @Carly.diem

Shoes: Lucky Brand // Purse: BP @ Nordstrom //  Earrings: Primark // Wrap Bracelet: Boho-Betty (( Use code: Theappareladvisor for 20% off)




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