Winter Essentials

The three pieces I advise you incorporate into your wardrobe ASAP this winter:




My favorite leopard espadrilles are no longer acceptable, it’s official. Reluctantly, I’ve shifted them to the back of my shoe collection and dusted off my winter boots. While I do love my traditional Hunter tall rain boots, this season, I set out to find a shorter style, nontraditional boot.  Luckily, I didn’t have to search far, I instantly fell in love with these black studded rain boots by Dav at Nordstrom Rack.

  1. BEANIES DSC_6519.jpg

It’s no secret that the Northeast is known for its harsh, dry winters. I had to learn the hard way that if you don’t protect your face, ears, and head this time of year there are serious consequences, including “cold stimulus headaches”. Yes, that’s right, extremely cold temperatures cause constriction to the bloods vessels and numb the trigeminal nerve so now you’re not only freezing, but you’ve stirred up a nasty headache as well, what could be worse?! Thus, I’ll advise having a beanie ready to go for the winter season. The beanie featured above is my absolute favorite for this season from Zara. The one featured below is a runner up for under $10.00 at Primark.


  1. SCARVESdsc_6517

Scarves are one my favorite accessories to bust out during the winter because they leave me feeling as if I’m still in the warm comfort of my bed. More importantly however, scarves provide another NECESSARY layer of protection. But on a serious note, there’s days in Boston where it literally hurts to breathe in the open air and at that point a good chunky blanket scarf like the one below from Zara is my saving grace! The scarf pictured above is one of the softest scarves in the game by Free People, total steal for under $30.00 Nordstrom Rack.dsc_1489

All Photographs: @_Travisconner_

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