Coat Check

Yesterday marked the first official day of my least favorite season, winter. For my fellow followers in the Northeast, this means you’re not leaving home without a coat for the next 2-3 months (if you’re lucky). While I’d much rather be in a bikini, I’ve finally accepted coat season by viewing it as an opportunity to kill two looks with one outfit. Here are the 3 styles to invest in this winter:

  1. The Puffer – I used to refer to this as a “Ski Jacket” because as a Floridian, I never contemplated needing such a high volume coat on a regular basis. A Puffer is a “safe choice” for when you’re not sure what the forecast holds but you can guarantee it will be freezing! This K-Way reversible puffer jacket has a heated seam line providing amazing insulation. img_3908unnamed
  2. The Trench/Long Coat– You can thank the First World War for this style! The trench coat was created as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by soldiers. While Burberry and Aquascutum claim to have birthed the trench coat back in the 1850’s, there’s no question that it’s a timeless, classic piece that belongs in every winter wardrobe. While most of the time I’m rocking my long coat to work for the 9-5 gig, my favorite way to style it is over a dress or skirt in the winter as a saving grace for my bare legs! Technically speaking, the one I’m wearing below is a “long coat” not trench however, both available at H&M on major sale!dsc_6528DSC_6391.jpg
  3. Faux Fur– Winter?! Fur-gettah about it! Fur is easily one of the most controversial topics in fashion. For some reason, faux fur has always had an irresistible appeal to me, but it’s definitely not fur (haaaa) everyone, so I’ll keep it short. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, faux fur is now produced with the same warmth, softness and quality as real fur, but more affordable! The black faux fur coat featured is from Guess and currently on sale for $64.00!dsc_6421DSC_6438.jpg

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