Wear to Walk

kanna-mainIt wasn’t until I moved to the city that I began to distinguish my shoe wardrobe by overall quality rather than aesthetic appeal. I remember first year of law school, I was running (literally) late to class when of course, the hoof of one of my sandals broke on one of those, oh-so-cute cobblestone streets Boston is known for. I was in shambles. Let’s leave aside the fact that it was 50 something degrees out and raining thus, I should have NEVER worn sandals in the first place.

My point, you shouldn’t skimp on footwear. On a typical weekend consisting of brunch, errands, shopping, oh yeah and brunching again, I’m walking between 3-5 miles. Clearly, out of health concerns, I can’t afford to skimp on footwear. Now obviously, a classic tennis shoe would suffice, but I find espadrilles to be much more appealing to the eye, especially velvet leopard ones. I’m also a firm believer you should never have to sacrifice comfort for looks.


All Kanna Shoes are designed, cut, and fabricated by in house designers in Spain. While this family operated business’s bread and butter has always been espadrilles, they are continuously changing and adapting to new trends. Today, Kanna Shoes is a fashion brand with a Mediterranean influence focusing on evolving trends and comfort.

If you know me, you’ve likely spotted me in these cuties on more than one occasion. Until the snow starts falling, I’ll advise choosing espadrilles over tennis shoes any and every day. The ones featured I snagged last season, but don’t worry I’ve linked two similar options, on sale, below.









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