Don’t Hold Up Brunch


When you’re visiting your bestie(s) for the weekend one or two late nights out are to be expected. What’s also to be expected, (at least if you’re one of my besties) is BRUNCH the following morning. Am I right?

At first thought, sleeping in never disappoints and you dread the thought of getting out bed, but you rally nonetheless because you recognize that brunch is always worth it. For me, the real struggle lies in getting out the door in a timely fashion, dressed appropriately, before mere hunger turns to HANGRY. Nobody likes me when I’m hangry.

But here’s my least favorite situation: You’re the one on time, the brunch spot won’t seat your reservation until the whole party is present and you have that one friend that’s running a solid 30 minutes late. This friend acts as if they’re only 10 minutes late but in reality they show up a full half hour late. I know, because I’ve been that friend, guilty.


Being fashionably late to brunch is not cool, its rude. To save you time next weekend, I’ll advise adding an interwoven hat to your accessory line up. When you rise and shine following a late night out with your team, you won’t regret this purchase. Oh, and you can forget fussing with your hair as well. Not only will throwing on a hat save you ample time, it doubles as an excellent distraction from under eye bags that I myself can’t seem to shake.

The hat featured above is by David & Young, found this gem at Nordstrom Rack during the current Black Friday Sale. I’ll also advise starting with a staple black, brown, or gray color that you can mix and match with everything. My top 4 woven hats including the David & Young one are below with details below.

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