Layering Advisory


Where I come from (Florida) the weather is predictable and you rarely have to bother with the weather channel forecast (unless it’s like a month and there is a category 4 hurricane headed your way). It’s either a beach day, or its not a beach day. New England…..not so much and I had to learn this the hard way.

It was September 2013, my first semester in law school, and my first time experiencing a “season change” in New England. A cute upperclassman invited me for drinks one night and although I had an eight a.m. research and writing lecture the next morning, I agreed.

Let’s now skip to the next morning, what does a Floridian throw on when her alarm goes off with exactly ten minutes to spare? Obviously, jean shorts and a cotton V-neck. To my tremor, it was overcast with a high somewhere in the 40’s. I was freezing, I looked around and saw girls in ugg boots, I was puzzled, it was September?

Amidst my teeth chattering, I managed to say good morning to the girl who sat beside me. Pennsylvania native, she was wearing multiple layers of clothing: a long sleeve top under a cardigan with a heavy windbreaker jacket over top, also paired with boots, and a light scarf. Just as I was staring at the genius of her layers in amazement, she stared right back at my questionable apparel in disbelief.  While unraveling, she looked me up and down said, “Why don’t you start using your weather app?”


My friends, this was life changing. It had never occurred to this Florida native (floridiot) that “checking the weather” should be a daily task. I was completely oblivious to such a practice because Florida weather is so predictable. I slid the weather app to the first line on my Iphone home screen and from that day forward I began to get better and better at suiting up for this crazy life I had chosen.

Now, if I’ve learned anything over the past three years it’s that New England weather is erratic, especially in the fall. I’ll advise anyone venturing to the Northeast to get familiar with this layering concept because layers can save your life. Here, I’ve paired a classic turtle neck from Zara with a thick camouflage button down from Forever 21. When the sun’s hot & heavy midday, tie it around your waist and soak up that Vitamin D!



Photographs: @_Travisconner_

Pants: Michael Kors Stretch-Twill Pants // Sunglasses: Tory Burch //  Boots: Sam Edelman // Purse: Tory Burch

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