Why I shamelessly overdo the poncho

Poncho. main.jpg

Photographs: @_Travisconner_

There are certain items of clothing Floridians have zero need for plain and simple.

When I moved to Boston, my wardrobe consisted of roughly five long sleeve shirts, one pair of boots, a few hoodies, oh yeah and let me not forget my one “winter jacket” or what my parents and I believed to be such at the time. I thought I was in good shape, ready to take on the city life and this exciting new concept of seasons.

All along, I knew this transition would require me to establish a new wardrobe because let’s face it, maxi dresses and bikinis won’t get you by in Boston. I welcomed this happenstance with open arms, just ask my dad. I found that I could now justify cliché fall seasonal purchases, like ponchos, and actually utilize them regularly because BOSTON’S COLD.

This is one of my favorites, snagged if from a Nordstrom Rack sale. This Collection 18 piece leaves you with little work. Compliments to the colored patches, I kept it simple here with a light sweater by Topshop. These Vince Camuto riding boots, I kid you not, literally called “the kelsi boot”, are a must. Tight fit with leather in the front to block that harsh New England wind because oh yes, wind tunnels are real.

Lastly, for my ladies always in a rush, I’ll advise going all black underneath a colored poncho or one with a striking pattern, two outfits in one is the way i’d describe it. It’s the perfect twist for when it’s brisk. Where are some of y’alls favorite ponchos from?


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